Kathys Carts | More and more companies want food for their employees delivered on the door

More and more companies want food for their employees delivered on the door

More and more companies want food for their employees delivered on the door

More and more companies want food for their employees delivered on the door

Now that the corona situation has lasted more than a year, we have to develop new ways of doing business while keeping the spread of the virus to a minimum. How do we do this? 


More and more companies have started programs where their employees get food delivered directly to their homes. The obvious reason is that they believe that if their employees minimize the amount of contact or closeness they have with other people – especially strangers – then the company will have a greater chance of keeping the virus out. Furthermore, this means that the company will have a competitive advantage when other businesses have no choice but to shut down their processes, given the spread of disease which has happened because they didn’t install the same precautions. 


One of the companies noticing an increase in demand for their products, is Toolbox Oslo, who deliver food on the door to companies and their customers. It’s a trend we have seen for many years, but especially now recently it’s accelerated. 


Below you will find information about how food companies ensure safe deliveries during the outbreak of the coronavirus. 


Contactless delivery 

All deliveries from their agents will, because of the coronavirus, happen with no human contact. This means that the food bag will be placed outside their door when delivered. It’s important to remember to mark the door, and write clear instructions under the “message for the agent” section in the food apps, so that the agent can find their way to the home on their own. If customers want a normal delivery, they can write this in the instructions. 


Measures for delivery agents

Agents are to follow the rules and guidelines from the government and public health institute at all times, which means that, among other things, they will be instructed to heed by these criteria: 

  • Don’t go to work if they have symptoms of illness
  • Avoid close contact with everyone who has symptoms of illness
  • Clean their hands regularly with soap and water
  • Use hand sanitisers regularly during each work shift, as well as continually cleaning the equipment they use
  • Follow the quarantine rules that have been issued by the government


The agents have received orders to not see or touch the inside of the delivery bag at any time. The food delivery companies have themselves expanded this rule so that agents, as far as possible, are also to avoid touching the handle of the bag. 


Measures for restaurants

Good hygiene is absolutely crucial in the restaurant business, and routines are now strengthened at all stages. The restaurants stick to the hygiene guidelines of the food safety authorities, as well as the advice from the public health institute. If it becomes known that an employee in a restaurant is infected, measures are immediately put in place. In addition, the restaurants have expanded instructions regarding deliveries, where the restaurant partners are instructed to heed these criteria: 

  • Close the delivery bag
  • Put the delivery bag at the desk to ensure contactless pick-up by the agent
  • Avoid touching the handle of the delivery bag
  • Regularly stay up to date on the advice from the public health institute


Many new routines have been implemented, and there’s a lot which is new and needs to be incorporated. Together, the food companies make it possible that other companies can make food delivery possible for their own employees. 

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