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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Cars

The EVs are becoming more popular among people due to its approach for a healthier environment as well as the amount of tax that people can save from avoiding gas. It is a revolutionary step towards the future, which is still being studied and improved. Due to many misconceptions about electric vehicles, the people have second thoughts about switching to electric vehicles. Although there are a few downsides of electric vehicles, we cannot overlook the benefits it can offer us. Let us take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of electric vehicles.



There is no better reason for electric vehicles to become a primary source of commute. The EVs are serving the environment by eliminating the issue of emission, which causes an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Since the EVs do not have an exhaust system, the issue of pollution can be solved.

Low cost of maintenance

Paying for electricity is more affordable as compared to gas. Since electric cars only use electricity to charge, people can save a lot on taxes as well as the increasing prices of gas. It also does not require any oil changes for the maintenance as well, which only adds to more savings for your electric vehicle.

Smooth and quiet

Since the electric vehicles do not have the same engines as the gas vehicles. The EVs have smaller engines and only make a sweet humming sound even when you are racing the engine at max speed. The engines are silent to a point where the government suggested to add noise-making devices to alert others of an oncoming vehicle.

Easy commute lanes

The EV vehicles have their own carpool lanes which are available exclusively for the EV owners. It can be used for a faster commute in case of heavy traffic to reach the destinations faster. These carpool lanes also have charging points installed on the way which makes recharging the vehicles easier on the way.


Short ranges

Short ranges

Many EVs are still to reach their best performance phase. The maximum range offered by an EV today is from the Tesla Model S which can offer a range up to 350 miles in once charge. It is one of the main reasons why people are afraid of buying electric vehicles for long commutes.

Long charging times

Charging the battery can take way longer as compared to fueling the gas tank. The EVs require a lot more time investment in every 2-3 days in case the vehicle is used for office commute. Some vehicles have been tested to take up to 15-20 hours to charge completely, which is not a good performance result.

They are expensive

The manufactures have only launched limited electric models in the market, which makes them expensive and hard to get. With only a limited number of options available for people, they do not feel confident in making such a huge investment for a vehicle which is still under the process of being completely available to society.


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